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The Hospital has 7 Major Out Patient Departments.

1.Kayachikitsa – Acute And Chronic Ailments

2.Streeroga & Prasutitantra – Special Care For Women

3.Shalakya Tantra – Special Care For Sense Organs

4.Shalya Tantra – Surgical Ailments

5.Panchakarma – Detoxification & Rejuvenation

6.Kaumarabhritya – Special Care For Children

7.Swasthavritta & Yoga – General Health Maintenance and promotion


Department of Kayachikitsa

  • Special treatment for neurological disorders.

  • Management of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Geriatric and degenerative medicine .

  • Preventive as well as curative treatment for jaundice, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis , IBS etc.

  • Acute & Chronic respiratory disorders.

  • Specialized counselling for behavioural modification and stress management.

Department of Prasuti And Streeroga

  • Pregnant care as inpatient as well as outpatient with diet , nutrition and lifestyle changes.

  • Counselling & guidelines for the conception & treatment of female infertility.

  • Services for the prenatal , neonatal and postnatal, ensuring the safety of baby and mother.

  • Sthanika chikitsa for gynaecological disorders.

Department of Kaumarabhrutya

  • Special treatment for mentally retarded and growth retarded children.

  • Expertise treatment of the jaundice and other Paediatric diseases.

Department of Panchakarma

  • Separate hospital for Panchakarma Procedures.

  • Detoxification as preventive procedure and according to the diseases.

  • Expert consultation for procedures.

  • Therapeutic massage & steaming to rejuvenate the body.

Department Of Swasta Vritta

  • Educating the community to maintain health and prevention of disease.

  • Personalized diet and exercise for various lifestyle disorders.

  • Correcting the faulty diet which is the foundation for various disease.

  • Yoga for health and disease.

Department of Shalya Tantra 

  • Expertized wound management.

  • Specialised in the bloodletting , cautery as well as alkali application in indicated diseases.

  • General as well as specific surgical disorders.

  • Specialised consultation in the ano-rectal disorders.

  • Primary threading and alkali threading(Kshara sutra) as safe treatment in ano-rectal diseases.

Department Of Shalakya Tantra

  • Expert advice for maintaining eye ,ear, nose , oral health and hygiene

  • Various acute and chronic disorders of the eye ,ear ,nose, throat are treated well.

  • Age related vision problems are effectively treated .

  • Rejuvenation of the eye ,ear ,nose throat , by oleation, sudation and medication .

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